Concept: Felix Baumann (DE), Jakub Štourač (CZ)
Director: Felix Baumann (DE)
Dramaturgy: Marek Turosik (SK)
Stage design: Jakub Štourač (CZ)
Music: Pilou Barge (FR)
Light design: Jiří Šmirk (CZ)
Sound design: Matěj Vejdělek (CZ)
Production: Julie Crantelle (FR), Petr Hromek (CZ), ART Prometheus

Cast: Felix Baumann (DE), Jakub Štourač (CZ), Elena Pecenova (CZ), Nicolas Bregovič (FR), Pilou Barge (FR)

Performance of physical and visual theatre; nonverbal; duration: 45 min.

A production combining dance, physical and visual theatre, inspired by a number of historical, mythological and current stories and their characters, who lived in extreme situations of isolation caused by war, prison, psychiatric treatment or other blows of fate.

  • Japanese holdout soldier Onoda Hiro, hiding for 29 years (1945-1974) in Philippines jungle, continuing his own war thinking that II. world war is still happening. All informations about capitulation of Japan he refused and considered American propaganda. He surrendered in 1974 and became the second longest hiding Japanese soldier.

  • Russian blogger Sergej Astachov, living for 29 years in solitude caused by his psychiatric classification (a character appearing in documentary by Oleg Mavromati).
  • Sybil of Cumean living for thousand years, and hanged in a vessel, longing to die.
  • unknown mass of human with absent identity, inhabiting the glass house in the middle of a lake, appearing in the poem by Jiří Orten – Eta Eta, yellow birds (1938).
  • imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, sentenced for 20 years, on hunger strike for 145 days (2018) as protest against unrighteous conviction of all Ukrainian prisoners in Russian Federation.

We enter a special wooden cupboard, filled with dark earth. It is reminiscent of some kind of forgotten, painfully empty surrealist painting. It is a space, which pulls us into its nothingness. A space of invisible forgotten things, unconscious desires, hidden dreams, suppressed fears and imprisoned memories. And all this, hung up, cast aside, packed away for eternity, wants to be remembered and rediscovered, like the fates of those almost archetypal figures, private heroes, that are waiting to be set free.


„Dance of Death – Men kept in a cell, trying to escape their own fate“

Jana Machalická, Lidovky

„…The quartet of technically and expressively brilliant dancers moves in an enclosed space, with a grille on one side. Condemned to death, they loosen themselves from the clothes hangers on which they are hanging like shapeless sacks, and stagger around in an antemortal revel filled with fear and resignation, while candles flicker nearby on graves, which again are marked with clothes hangers.”

Jana Machalická, Lidovky


Many thanks to these institutions for providing residential spaces and support: Studio ALTA (CZ), Bakelit Multi Art Center (HU) a Katapult (DE)

The project was financially supported by Ministry of culture Czech Republic, State fund of culture Czech Republic, Capital city Prague, Czech-German Fund for the Future and International Visegrad Fund