8 – 15 AUGUST 2018, 9 PM

Eight evenings, eight young directors from the Czech Republic and other European countries and eight views on events of the 20th century kept on radio recordings.


Artistic guidance and directors’ supervision: Pavel Štourač
Artistic supervision: Kateřina Šobáňová
Dramaturgy: Marek Turošík
Directors: Sara Bocchini
(Continuo Theatre), Felix Baumann (Continuo Theatre), Angela Monaco (LISPA Berlin, DE), Marek Slováček (Janáček’s Academy of Performing Arts, Brno, CZ)Otto Kauppinen (Janáček’s Academy of Performing Arts, Brno, CZ), Lenka Řezníčková (Janáček’s Academy of Performing Arts, Brno, CZ)Aga Błaszczak (The National Academy of Theatre Arts, Krakov, PL) Lukas Ubach (Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, ESP)
Stage design: Helena Štouračová

Music: Veronika Linhartová, Matěj Vejdělek
Technologies: Martin Janda

Light design: Jan Hugo Hejzlar
Sound: Robert Hnát
Technical production: Jiří Šmirk
Production: ART Prometheus, z.s, Kristýna Řepová, Miriam Čandíková, Markéta Krejčová


Pilou Barge (FR), Felix Baumann (DE), Sara Bocchini (IT), Nicolas Célestin Bregovic (FR), Aline Comignaghi (FR), Jessica Dawkins (GB), Kelsa Dine (USA), Jindřiška Dudziaková (ČR), Sean Henderson (USA), Otto Kauppinen (ČR), Izydor Łobacz (PL), Angela Monaco (IT), Daniel Navrátil (ČR), Elen Pecenová (ČR), Paola Pilnik (PT), Dunja Rakic (SRB), Lenka Řezníčková (ČR), Marek Slováček (ČR), Prokop Štěpánek (ČR), Jakub Štourač (ČR), Matěj Vejdělek (ČR), Marika Volfová (ČR)


Lukáš Jíra, Martin Hamouz, Filip Krygl, Julie Crantelle, Adam Poštolka, Anežka Malčíková, Helena Puhačová, Charles Nomwende Tiendrebeogo, Viliam Fedorko, Hilda Uusitalo.


Continuo Theatre has been holding a regular annual summer project since 1997. It is a creative meeting of theatre makers of different nationalities with various artistic approaches. Every year the participants of the project stay and work together at a former farmstead Plum Yard, in a village of Malovice, the seat of Continuo Theatre. During four weeks they produce a unique theatre performance which is finally shown to the public in a specific non-theatrical space more or less far away from Plum Yard. Last year the performance was held in Kratochvíle Castle, this year Continuo Theatre comes back to a space just next to their seat in Plum Yard.

The premiere takes place on 8 August 2018 at 9 pm. The performances continue until 15th August.

This year Continuo Theatre members have decided to change the project concept. A performance is usually directed by one or two directors. This year’s production will be created by eight young directors from several countries. Each of them will create a short performance and finally all of them will be joined into a specific theatre composition. Some of these short performances will take place in parallel, some of them will follow each other or partially overlap, some of them will be repeated. Viewers will become active participants of the performance and will be able to choose what they want to see and where they will watch it from.

Pavel Štourač, the current author or co-author of all previous projects, has become an artistic supervisor in this changed concept of the project.

The topic of this year’s project, which is simply called “8”, is based on the 20th century events in the years that end in 8 and they are kept in radio or other audio recordings. Each director has chosen one event and they can use their own artistic approach to make their performance. The final performance will combine physical, art and puppet theatre, dance, as well as visual installation.

In the past, summer projects were site-specific ones, which means that they took place in special non-theatrical spaces. This year’s project is different. A special stage for the performance is being made, which will enable to organise and perform this demanding project. A construction in the shape of an octane reminds us of a maze, circus or an old merry-go-round. It is being built opposite Plum Yard and it will contain several types of theatre environment. The audience will have various possibilities to watch the performance from different angles or perspectives.



Adults – 260 CZK
Reduced admission – 190 CZK (children 10+, students, seniors, the disabled)
Free admission: children under 10 years of age

TICKETS ON THE SPOT (an hour before the beginning of the performance)
Adults – 290 CZK
Reduced admission – 220 CZK (children 10+, students, seniors, the disabled)
Free admission: children under 10 years of age




The performance takes place in the open air on a meadow opposite Plum Yard and it takes about an hour and a half.

Bad weather:
The performance is not cancelled if the weather forecast is bad. Possible cancellation is considered only at the beginning of the performance.
If it rains at the beginning of the performance, Continuo Theatre has the right to postpone it
The performance may take place even in the bad weather if it does not harm performers’ health
If the performance is cancelled within 30 minutes after the start, the entrance fee will be refunded
If the performance is cancelled more than 30 minutes after the start, the entrance fee will not be refunded

Recommendation: The performance takes place at night, so we recommend to wear warm clothes and good shoes. Umbrellas are not allowed during the performance. If the weather forecast is not good, please, take raincoats with you.

It is strictly forbidden to use cameras, camcorders or mobile phones to record the performance. It is also forbidden to use your own sources of light, like torches, headlamps, mobile phones, etc.

Please, don’t take your pets with you

Thank you for respecting the rules

ACCOMMODATION: Here is the list of hotels, guesthouses and camping sites in the surrounding of Malovice:

It is also possible to put up your own tent on a meadow nearby Plum Yard. Please, let us know in advance at: svestkovydvur@continuo.cz The capacity is limited.


You can park your car on the village square in the centre of Malovice about 200 meters from the place of the performance


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Tel: +420 777 790 709
Email: zuzana.bednarcikova@gmail.cz