Continuo Theatre will host an international site-specific project in South Bohemia (Malovice and České Budějovice, Czech Republic) from the 4th July to 7th August, 2022 with a title AGORA.

The participants can be actors, performers, dancers, visual artists and musicians with theatrical experience in the language of movement, sound or stage design (art school studies, theatre group members, personal projects).


The basic philosophy of the summer project is to facilitate a creative and international meeting of theatre-makers with different approaches. The summer project is an exchange of creative practices, an encounter between Continuo’s approach to movement, devising and pedagogy, as well as the individual creativity and background brought by each participant. The group of participants will live and work together for one month both in the Plum Yard and in a nearby non-theatrical location. These sites, and the meeting of the participants, will act as inspiration for creative exchanges, which will result in a performative installation open to the public, from 28th July to 4th August, 2022. The performance is based on the result of movement, voice and visual arts workshops, which will take place during the first weeks of the project at the Plum Yard. The workshops and the following creative process will be lead by the members of Continuo Theatre under the supervision of Pavel Štourač.

The theme of the project focuses on selected socio-political topics of our current life situations. Performers in cooperation with political scientists, historians and journalists will transform these topics into the format of political and theatrical agora, inspired by ancient cities, where the public political discussion used to take place.


We are interested in hearing from artists with enthusiasm, energy and endurance. Individuals willing to work and share artistic visions within a group, with dedication to create together and desire to discover new possibilities, to offer, to try, and to learn.
Considering the demanding and high level of training, good physical and mental state are required. The work will be intensive throughout the entire period and will take place not only indoors, but also outdoors. The participants must be committed for the whole duration of the project.


The fee will cover the price of food and accommodation provided by Continuo Theatre during the entire duration of the project. Participants will cover their own travel expenses to Malovice and back.

Fee: 6900 CZK (285 Euro)


Participants of the project will be selected according to their application form, CV, motivation letter (please provide all materials in English). Video documentation of previous experiences is required for performers and dancers, audio recordings for musicians. For visual artists and stage designers, please send us a small sample of your work.

You can find the application form on: APPLICATION

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15th May 2022 at midnight